Egg salad pitta bread

I love the classic egg, cress and mayo combination: it takes me back to childhood party sandwiches and home-grown cress pots. I revisited this old favourite for lunch today, and found it barely needed much addition, timeless as it is.

You will need:

  • wholemeal large pitta bread
  • one egg
  • good quality mayonnaise
  • cress
  • lettuce
  • one spring onion
  • two salad tomatoes
  • salt and pepper

To make this big chunky pitta, get some water boiling in a pan and put in your egg – time it for ten minutes. (I like my hard-boiled eggs nice and firm.)

As the egg is cooking, slice up the tomatoes into wedges and roughly chop the spring onion – bulkier pieces pack more flavour. Cut the pitta bread in half.

After ten minutes, drain the egg pan and refill it with cold water. Run the egg under the cold tap for a minute or so, then let it completely cool down in the pan.

Using a knife, tap lightly around the middle of the egg, and begin to pick off the shell. It’ll come off nice and smoothly.

Slice the egg in half lengthways, then into quarters. Place the quarters inside the pitta bread, spoon over a few tablespoons of mayo, and scatter some cress on top. Sprinkle over the spring onions, lay over the tomatoes, crack over some salt and pepper, and finish it all off with the lettuce leaves.

I cut my pitta in half for easier handling, and ate it with some hot Mexicana cheese (one of my absolute favourite cheeses), along with some freshly podded peas. There’s nothing I love more for lunch than a well-filled sandwich, and I loved the tang of the spring onions with the mellower egg and mayo.


Welcome to my food blog!

After much dithering and delaying, I’ve finally made the effort to sit down and begin the blog I’ve been making mental contributions to for the last year. Although that makes it sounds as if I view this whole project as a chore, that’s not the case at all – my hesitance is more from a lack of confidence. My blogs in the past have failed because I’ve been so self-conscious, and so paranoid of being judged. But I have a new resolution: stop caring!

Before I get started I may as well give myself, the blogger, a bit of an introduction. My name’s Amy, and I’m a first-year uni student. Food is a passion of mine: I love cooking food, looking at food, thinking about food, and eating food. I developed an interest in food in my early teens, which stemmed into my experimenting with recipes and flavours – with often dubious results, but since then, I’ve made some progress.

Beginning uni and having to fend for myself has provided me with an outlet for my food-related interests: feeding myself has never been a chore, but rather a pleasure, and a source of excitement. I love browsing recipes and planning what I’m going to eat prior to cooking. Every mealtime is an event I look forward to, regardless of how little time I can spare to invest in it.

This university experience hasn’t been a smooth ride, in terms of my relationship with food and nutrition. I’ve misjudged the idea of a ‘healthy’ diet, and I’m now coming back to terms with the real concept of a balanced diet. My attitude to the food I put into my own body took an unhealthy turn, and not in the usual student sense: I just wasn’t eating enough.

So this blog is as much as a private enterprise as it is a public one: I want to share my ideas and preferences as I continue to restore my relationship with my body. In particular, I want to focus on a simple approach to food: fad-free, unpretentious, and accessible. As a student, I’m always on the lookout for cooks and bloggers who share this view.

I’m excited to get started! Thanks for reading.

Review: Ambiente, York

It’s not often that I can afford to go out for a meal at a restaurant, but end of term called for a special occasion. My friends and I visited Ambiente, a tapas restaurant in York: the supposedly ‘better’ one of the two in the city. Having never experienced tapas before, I was excited to try something new.

The restaurant, on Goodramgate, has a casual bar area and cosy dining sections. The staff were very friendly, with one waiter offering to take us through the sherry menu with all his relevant expertise.

We began with the pan catalan starter – delicious tomato sauce-soaked bread, drizzled with balsamic vinegar and scattered with chives. I also ordered a small glass of Merlot (which lasted me the whole meal, as I’m not much of a drinker).


We then moved on to mains. On the recommendation of the one of us who’d visited before, we ordered two carby tapas bowls to share – the patatas bravas (potatoes cooked in a tomato sauce) and patatas fritas (chunky chips). I chose the pimto (aubergine, courgette and tomato topped with quail’s eggs) and the gambas al ajillo (whole prawns with peppers in a garlicky oil). Between them, my friends ordered the judias verdes (green beans with sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts), panceta de cerdo (slow-cooked belly pork), and the suppli (mozzerella and risotto croquettes).

The eggs in the pimto went fabulously with the ratatouille-style vegetables, which were very tender and steeped in a rich sauce. The prawns were succulent, with none of the chewiness of cheaper varieties. (I also enjoyed a moment or two playing with their strange spindly arms, much to the disapproval of my fellow diners.)



Afterwards, we were moved out into the bar as another party needed a table. This wasn’t an inconvenience, really, as the bar area was comfortable and afforded a view of the pretty street outside. We all ordered churros for dessert, another novelty to me, and one I hope to enjoy many, many more times. Served with a warm chocolate dipping sauce, the churros (fried dough) were dusted in just the right amount of sugar and cinnamon: I didn’t feel the need to guiltily brush any excess off onto my plate.



My friend also tried a white hot chocolate, the traditional accompaniment to churros. She wasn’t able to finish it, as devilishly rich as it was. I tried a sip, and found it just rather too decadent for my own sweet tooth.

All in all, the bill came to around £60; I spent £23, my one drink included. It was a lovely evening out, and tapas has definitely won me over.


Ambiente website and Twitter