Egg salad pitta bread

I love the classic egg, cress and mayo combination: it takes me back to childhood party sandwiches and home-grown cress pots. I revisited this old favourite for lunch today, and found it barely needed much addition, timeless as it is.

You will need:

  • wholemeal large pitta bread
  • one egg
  • good quality mayonnaise
  • cress
  • lettuce
  • one spring onion
  • two salad tomatoes
  • salt and pepper

To make this big chunky pitta, get some water boiling in a pan and put in your egg – time it for ten minutes. (I like my hard-boiled eggs nice and firm.)

As the egg is cooking, slice up the tomatoes into wedges and roughly chop the spring onion – bulkier pieces pack more flavour. Cut the pitta bread in half.

After ten minutes, drain the egg pan and refill it with cold water. Run the egg under the cold tap for a minute or so, then let it completely cool down in the pan.

Using a knife, tap lightly around the middle of the egg, and begin to pick off the shell. It’ll come off nice and smoothly.

Slice the egg in half lengthways, then into quarters. Place the quarters inside the pitta bread, spoon over a few tablespoons of mayo, and scatter some cress on top. Sprinkle over the spring onions, lay over the tomatoes, crack over some salt and pepper, and finish it all off with the lettuce leaves.

I cut my pitta in half for easier handling, and ate it with some hot Mexicana cheese (one of my absolute favourite cheeses), along with some freshly podded peas. There’s nothing I love more for lunch than a well-filled sandwich, and I loved the tang of the spring onions with the mellower egg and mayo.


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