Egg-fried rice with mushrooms and peas

At home, there’s inevitably less freedom with what I can choose to eat. Although the quality (and quantity) of the produce my family buys is so much better than I can afford as a student, I’ve been rather missing making my own meals. Although my mum cooks, I offer to make dinner once a week to make her life easier; I’d do it more often, if she only trusted my culinary abilities a little more.

Last night’s dinner was a leftovers / freezer meal affair. So, I seized the opportunity to dust off my wok and cook something for myself – without having to worry about catering to the tastes of my family.

There are several ingredients I am expressly forbidden to cook with, including mushrooms and soy sauce. My poor bottle of soy sauce has been sadly neglected since my return from uni, so it seemed only right to bring it out: I opted for a stir fry, and threw in an egg for a little more protein. In the absence of mangetout or beansprouts, I added peas (no less inferior, in their defense).

I love the silky texture of egg-fried rice, and the flavour added by the ginger and the chilli is great. You could also add in some ready-cooked prawns to bulk it out a little more.


Here’s what I used.

  • 80g rice
  • olive oil
  • a spring onion
  • knob of peeled ginger
  • two cloves of garlic
  • half a red chilli
  • seven small mushrooms (around 90g)
  • three tablespoons of frozen peas
  • an egg
  • soy sauce

First, finely chop the garlic, ginger, chilli and spring onion.

Measure out double the volume of boiling water to your amount of rice. Get it simmering gently on the stove with the lid on.

Put the peas in a bowl with a few tablespoons of water and pop in the microwave for around three minutes. (You can boil them, if you’re feeling less lazy than I was.)

Heat the wok for around 30 seconds on the stove, then warm up a tablespoon of olive oil. You don’t want the oil to get too hot, or the garlic will toast to a crisp when it hits the bottom. Flick a drop of water into the wok – if it crackles slightly, it’s time to add the garlic, chilli, ginger and spring onion.

Stir fry for around five minutes, breathing in the lovely aromatic smell. Lift up the wok from the heat every now and then if you’re afraid of the spices burning.

Drain the peas and check on the rice – you may need to add a little more water, or to drain some off.

Throw in the mushrooms and fry. (Most recipes tell me to stir fry these for only a couple of minutes, but I like mine softer, so I fry them for about five minutes.)

Mix in the cooked rice and peas, and stir until heated through.

Beat an egg into a mug, then make a well in the rice and pour it in. Stir constantly for two minutes, or until the egg is cooked.

Splash with soy sauce, mix it up, and serve. Enjoy!


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