Chocolate porridge

I’m very excited to post about my current favourite breakfast, something I heavily regret having not tried before.


I’ve posted previously about my beloved porridge ritual, and some of my favourite combinations and toppings; but something I’d yet to try was a simple addition of cocoa powder to my oats.

The best thing I can liken this to is eating thicker, more substantial chocolate mousse: it’s divine. Cocoa powder is obviously unsweetened, so I tried first adding blueberries and banana, but the sweetness of the berries was too tangy. Strawberries were the perfect match to the chocolate and banana; it is literally like having dessert for breakfast.

Quite simply, just add a teaspoon and a half of cocoa powder to your oats, mix it well and let it cook. I added mine after slicing banana into the pan. Once the banana has started to caramelise, add in some halved strawberries, which will add even more natural sweetness. On top, add some almonds and a sprinkling of seeds, along with some more strawberries.

If you think that porridge is too boring and bland – definitely give this a go!


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