Thai green vegetable curry

After the Pad Thai I made recently, I’ve been curious to try more Thai food. I’ve never eaten at a Thai restaurant before, but from the little of the cuisine that I’ve tried, it’s in a whole different sphere – a balance of sweet and savoury, coming together so well on the plate.

It seems like there’s also plenty of room for being veggie in Thai cuisine, too. Although seafood and fish sauce are common ingredients, they’re not always needed, and tofu also makes an appearance. This recipe for Thai green curry is Jamie Oliver’s, taken from his Home Cooking site – aimed at youngsters, but fantastic in delivering illustrated step-by-step guides to the basics, and the more difficult. This curry is so, so flavoursome, relatively easy to prepare, and packed full of nutrients. If you’ve not had a Thai green curry before, don’t reach for that pre-prepared tin – try this instead.


Although the original serves four, it can be halved, if you have ideas as to what to do with the remaining squash (roast whole, roast in cubes, put in salads…). The list of ingredients may seem rather long, but for the paste, it’s only a case of peeling and throwing into a food processor. I had no green chilli, which was fine, but definitely include it if you have a good spice tolerance. The lime leaves may be a bit tricky to come by – I used dried Kaffir lime leaves from M&S, but I assure you, the investment is worth it. Also, don’t waste the remainder of the can of coconut milk – you could freeze it in a separate container, as I did, or use it another dish.

Although it’s not necessary to peel the squash, if you prefer to, then a fairly easy way to do so is to stand the squash upright, and use a large serrated knife (bread knife will do) to remove the skin. Use a large sharp knife to cut it in half, before scooping out the seeds. Chop into cubes. Finally, don’t substitute the red pepper for a green, orange, or a yellow: any other colour just doesn’t have the right kind of sweetness.

I’d love ideas on what to try next!




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